Diabetes is not a death sentence!

We have prepared an article that will help you find important tips in the fight against diabetes.

Topics covered in the article:

  • What do you need to know if you have diabetes?
  • Why do 95% of diabetics fail to cope with their diseases?
  • How to live with diabetes easily and happily?

Oddly enough, diabetes protocols still contain metformin and its analogues. However, such treatment can have significant side effects that doctors do not always warn their patients about. And along with the use of additional drugs (for example, glimperide), metformin can cause the development of hypoglycemia. If your doctor prescribes you a drug containing metformin, carefully study all contraindications and side effects before starting treatment.

All of these drugs can raise the level of insulin in the blood to a critical level. With this amount of insulin, the blood becomes thick, like condensed milk. In large quantities, insulin causes enormous harm to the body. It literally destroys the liver, kidneys and other excretory organs. Insulin is similar in consistency and action to stomach acid. Imagine what would happen if stomach acid flooded your internal organs. He would burn them through!

Elevated insulin levels corrode cells, thereby contributing to their abnormal division, and this is already nothing less than oncology. For this reason, the RISK OF DEVELOPING CANCER IN DIABETICS is 27% higher, according to statistics.

Plus, it is the high insulin content that leads to the rapid clogging of blood vessels with cholesterol plaques, since insulin-rich blood becomes thick and starts moving slower. As a result, blood vessels become clogged with cholesterol plaques, which in turn leads to pressure surges. Hypertension accompanies 95% of diabetics. Many other problems with the cardiovascular system appear as well.

List of threatening consequences of metformin-based therapy

  • Gastrointestinal disorders (most often diarrhea, heartburn, belching, stomach ulcers);
  • Hypertension - pressure surges, especially in the evenings, headaches, stuffy ears, waves of fear;
  • Cirrhosis of the liver - the liver becomes a connective tissue and stops purifying the blood, the whole body is filled with toxins;
  • Kidney stones due to intensive excretion of salts and sugar;
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Early death due to destroyed blood vessels;
  • Blindness.

Of course, the extent to which you will feel worse depends on the number of solutions you take and how long you do it, as well as on your individual characteristics. However, you can’t completely get rid of complications.

Why is someone using metformin if it's so dangerous?

Specialists make appointments according to established medical protocols. You are prescribed products recommended by the ministries. And you, of course, should not neglect the prescribed treatment. But you should be aware that these solutions are based on synthetic components and have significant contraindications and risks.

If your doctor has prescribed drugs such as metformin for you, then do not ignore it. This may be vital to you. But you should also be aware of additional methods for managing diabetes. You will read about one of the methods in this article.

It is no secret that people who take metformin for a long time often have side effects without realizing that this is a consequence of taking metformin.

However, more often than not, patients find out they have type 2 diabetes during a routine checkup. At the same time, up to this point, the patient, as a rule, felt normal and would never have thought that he had high blood sugar. And then they are prescribed metformin in an increased dosage.

As a result, the level of sugar falls, but over time, a gradual deterioration in a person’s condition is possible. The patient may complain of chronic fatigue, obesity, high blood pressure, headaches. They may have swelling of the legs, and in the morning of the face. There may be sensations of constantly ringing bells in the ears. The fingers may become numb and the extremities cold. Possible loss of vision, memory impairment.

BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO PUT UP WITH DIABETES. If you have to choose between taking metformin and putting up with the disease, of course you should choose the former. Diabetes can kill you if you don't take any actions. Just with other symptoms.

The internal organs of diabetics look just like these candied cherries. The liver, stomach, kidneys, heart, and most importantly the blood vessels…

The sugaring of blood vessels and internal organs!

Imagine candied cherries or raspberries. The same thing happens to all your blood vessels if you have diabetes.The walls of blood vessels become saturated with sugar and become brittle. As a result, the vessels lose the ability to narrow and expand. The smaller vessels die off first, promptly followed by the medium and large ones. Vessels feed the internal organs. The deterioration of blood supply leads to the development of chronic diseases.

What diabetes does to your organs:

Possibly impaired vision.

It is often impossible to restore vision damaged by diabetes even with the help of laser correction, since retinal detachment occurs as a result of numerous hemorrhages.

Possible kidney failure

Sugar just clogs the ureters. The environment in the kidneys becomes incredibly sweet. Sugar is a preservative. Chronic renal failure occurs.

Joint problems.

Joint movement is provided by synovial fluid. When the vessels stop feeding the joint, synovial fluid is no longer released. The connection just dries up. As a result, a person is forced to endure excruciating pain.

Nervous system disorders.

Nerves, like many other organs, suffer from excess sugar. Diabetics may experience extreme mood swings, apathy, or depression.

Skin lesions.

At first, the skin dries up a lot, itching appears. Because of this, scratching, eczema and ulcers are formed. There may be an unpleasant odor. In the severe phase, gangrene occurs

No matter how you look at it, diabetes is a very dangerous disease. I would say one of the most dangerous. I feel very sorry for people who have been diagnosed with diabetes. I try to help them, but everything depends, first of all, on them.

What can be an adjunct to metformin? Take, for example, the average senior citizen who developed diabetes with age. Now their sugar levels are constantly rising. Let's say they are taking metformin and are not feeling well. How to fight diabetes? Can they do it on their own?

Type 2 diabetes is a complex, dangerous and systemic disease. This is not a common cold or diarrhea. The consequences of this disease affect the whole body, so you have to be patient. IT IS NOT ENOUGH AND HARMFUL to just raise your insulin levels and be done with it.

In the case of diabetes, actions must be comprehensive and systematic. It is necessary to reduce the level of glucose, and also not to harm the body.

In particular, a supplement called DiaNorm can help. It was developed in 2015 by the Philippines Institute of Endocrinology. These are not random chemicals like Metformin, but a NATURAL ANTIDIABETIC COMPLEX.

The action of DiaNorm is based on the complex work of 60 natural blood sugar stabilizers - natural extracts, vitamins and trace elements.

DiaNorm is good because it does not harm the body. Moreover, it even enhances it. But most importantly, it has a positive effect on the disease from all sides.

60 active ingredients is a lot. Not every product can boast such a rich composition.

Thanks to the constituents of Gymnema sylvestre, Opuntia vulgaris, Cinnamomum verum, it is possible to alleviate the course of the disease and reduce the symptoms of diabetes. Since DiaNorm contains natural ingredients in its composition, it does not burden the liver, kidneys and heart and does not cause side effects. This means that you are not at risk of contracting another disease while you are fighting diabetes.

Scientific studies of these components have proven a significant reduction in blood sugar levels in the test group (!!! all studies confirming the effectiveness of the components are listed at the bottom of this article - you can read them !!!).

Real story of a patient

I want to show you a letter from Amelia Hidalgo, a senior citizen from Philippine.

This is what she wrote.

Amelia Hidalgo, 57. A senior citizen from Philippine that is struggling with diabetes. She lives in Palawan.

“I regret that not all people with diabetes know about DiaNorm yet. I had terrible diabetes. For 18 years he was my companion. Since I was 49 years old. my kidneys were barely working, I smelled of acetone. My daughter hated being in the same room with me. Add to this the permanent ulcers on the feet, blackened feet and fingertips. I felt unbearable.

I told my daughter to think about my last days. I had a good life, but I still didn't want to die. Even when I screamed in hysterics that I wanted to drop dead, I didn’t actually mean it. During one more relapse of diabetes I realized that I had to visit a doctor because I wouldn’t survive one more relapse.

After the consultation, I immediately started taking DiaNorm . It's been 4 months since then and the doctors are surprised that my blood sugar levels are normal. But I feel it myself. In the past 10 years, I have never felt as healthy and diabetic free as I do now! I began to sleep well, the feeling of unquenchable thirst greatly decreased, I didn’t have to go to the toilet so often, fatigue and constant weakness also disappeared without a trace. The pressure surges are over. My eyesight has improved. The main thing is that now I feel much better. Thank you very much for DiaNorm .”

DiaNorm will be useful to everyone, including people with a weakened immune system.

Participates in the restoration of blood vessels

The main effect of DiaNorm is that it not only removes sugar from the blood, but also thereby normalizes the level of glucose. It also removes sugar that has already penetrated the walls of blood vessels thanks to one of its ingredients - ginkgo biloba. This ingredient is a powerful antioxidant. This is similar to how the walls of blood vessels thaw and regain the ability to narrow and stretch. Blood clots can disintegrate, vessels are cleared. Small capillaries are back in order. This improves blood circulation. As a result, a person's blood pressure normalizes, weakness and drowsiness go away, wounds and cuts begin to heal faster. In addition, a person simply receives more energy. They immediately have a desire to do something around the house or in the garden.

Helps normalize glucose levels

DiaNorm does not increase insulin levels, so it is harmless. But besides this, it also has a positive effect, namely, it reduces insulin resistance. This is a very remarkable property of Gymnema sylvestre, Opuntia vulgaris and Cinnamomum verum. These biologically active components of the product penetrate directly into the cells of muscles, fat and liver and stimulate them in such a way that they begin to respond better to the presence of the hormone in the bloodstream. In medicine, this process is called "secondary cell formation." As a result, over time, cells begin to actively consume glucose, which leads to a decrease in its concentration in the blood. This is the safest way for the body to utilize glucose.

Feeling better, including after eating. The feeling of thirst is reduced. Reduce swelling, rash or itching. Toilet breaks have also become much less frequent.

Helps burn excess fat!

Excess weight is something that significantly aggravates the condition of a diabetic. That is why Insino also has an effect on reducing body weight. This happens for two reasons. First, cells begin to more actively convert sugar into energy. And secondly, the product contains a highly concentrated extract of creeping tribulus, which is a powerful natural fat burner.

Helps improve potency

Many diabetics have problems with potency. Thanks to the effects of DiaNorm described above, blood circulation improves. Due to this, sexual activity can improve. Even at 50, 60 years old, men can feel improvements.

The butterfly effect for any diabetic!

DiaNorm acts like the flapping of a butterfly's wing, starting a recovery chain reaction that improves overall well-being. From improving the condition of blood vessels to improving vision and joint health.

Easy awakening

You wake up in the morning and you don't have to force yourself to get up, stretching and rubbing your stiff legs, creaking your back and neck.

Improved well-being and mood

All day. Your sleep improves. You feel more energetic. You don't have to go to the toilet all the time at night. Reduces pain and reduces itching.

Tasty breakfast

Your menu will expand significantly. You will remember the taste of those dishes that you can only dream of now.

Improving Mobility

You no longer have to worry about your feet when you go out, walking is no longer so unbearable. Sandals, shoes, socks do not dig into swollen feet like a fork into a sausage.

Mood improvement

You become more relaxed. By relieving pain symptoms that prevented you from focusing on anything else. When you do not feel pain, familiar things, sounds, smells play with new, long-forgotten colors.

Lack of DiaNorm in Philippines pharmacies!

It is extremely difficult to buy DiaNorm in pharmacies. This product is rare. Most of the batch is sold abroad, another part is bought by private clinics.

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Lakshmi Shidalgo
Thank you for your kindness! I tried to buy DiaNorm through another clinic. Their price was 10 times higher. I refused. And then a friend showed a link to this article. I ordered it from you. My package came quickly. I’ve already started taking DiaNorm and I feel so much better!
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Charity Balayo
Oh, I went through so much because of my diabetes before I found out about DiaNorm . My life was exactly like the poor woman’s in the story. Besides high sugar levels I also had very high blood pressure (200-230), which is why I would throw up constantly. Plus I was overweight – 120 kg (I’m pretty short). Edema, shortness of breath - I went through all of that. My body was rotting and often festering. But not anymore. I took a course of DiaNorm. Now at least I feel like a living person. I lost weight, the pressure normalized. Basically, everything is much better now, I wish everyone the same.
Juan Manuel
Great for lowering sugar. In a month, my sugar dropped from 14 mmol/l to 7.9!
Nato Soliven
Thanks, I placed an order. When the operator called me back, I asked how much of the product is still in stock. He said that there’s still 15 packs left, but there are more and more orders coming in - looks like more people are learning about it. It might run out soon.
Manuelito Santos
Any disease is suffering for some and business for others. Pharmacies have long shown their true colors - all they need from us is our money and our health!
Saniata Lagua
I have diabetes. And I am in remission now, every year I take a course of DiaNorm to avoid relapse. For those who have not tried this product, I highly recommend it!
Noela Vera
DiaNorm IS SOLD OUT!!!!!!!! I did not make it in time. They told me yesterday that it was still in stock…. I can’t take the diabetes any longer. More than anything, I want to forget about the disease. I had hopes for DiaNorm . Is there really nothing I can do?
Chhaya Dora
I also couldnt get it. Where can I get this DiaNorm? My friend told me about DiaNorm . She praised it very much, I also wanted to place an order, but did not have enough time. I’m devastated...
Hilda Marcos
Hey everyone. I am 32 years old, I used to weigh 114 kg, now much less, my height is 172 cm. My glucose levels ranged from 12 to 18, once it was even 29. Now - 5.0. I took DiaNorm for 3 months. I am more than happy with my result. No other medicine helped me this much.
Julie Jacobo
Will it be for sale again? And when? I would also like to order it!!!
Kevin Aguilar
DiaNorm is on sale again! According to the website, the clinic has offered 1000 more packages for diabetics! According to doctors, this is the last thing they can release.
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Thank you! I ordered it. They told me I’d get in in 2 days. I'll start taking it as soon as I get the package.
Aurelio Waitan
The product is genuinely amazing. I’ve been taking it for a week and can already note the positive changes. I measure my blood sugar levels several times a day. It’s much lower than it used to be. If this goes on, I may very well recover completely.
Teddy Sabado
Diabetes is a very insidious disease. I’ve had it for 4 years now, there were no external manifestations, only my mouth was sometimes dry. So, I wasn’t really worried about amputated legs and such. But recently I fainted. I was taken to the hospital, where I was tested. Everything turned out to be very serious. My kidneys were in a precancerous state, my blood vessels were so worn out that the doctors couldn’t believe it. So don't waste your time or neglect the disease. It won't end well.
My father has diabetes and doesn't want to take pills. Does anyone know if DiaNorm can help?
Nathaniel Sabado
Of course it can! In any case, it is better to try, especially since DiaNorm is much cheaper than, for instance, metformin.
Konsehala Dada
DiaNorm is a wonderful product. Our daughter was diagnosed with diabetes. She is only 7 years old. We didn’t want to stuff her full of chemical drugs at such a young age. We consulted with many endocrinologists. Decided to try DiaNorm . It helped her a lot. The blood sugar levels lowered. And she isn’t taking DiaNorm any longer but is still fine.
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Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this article, I hope it helps people.
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